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The Halton constituency is made up of the town of Widnes, the parish of Hale and areas of west Runcorn incorporating the old town and a small part of the new town. With over 70,000 residents split over 15 wards (Appleton, Birchfield, Broadheath, Ditton, Farnworth, Halton View, Hough Green, Kingsway and Riverside in Widnes; Grange, Heath, Halton Brook, Halton Castle and Mersey in Runcorn; and Hale itself) it was first formed in 1983 from an amalgamation of the old Widnes seat and Runcorn seat.

The entire constituency sits within Halton Borough Council, with the remainder of Runcorn making up the rest of the council area. East Runcorn is, however, part of the Weaver Vale parliamentary constituency

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Mersey gateway and tolls.

Mersey Gateway image Halton Conservatives are committed to a fair deal on the Mersey Gateway.

We fully support the project but will fight for the lowest possible tolls for local residents and businesses

Cutting the cost of politics.

Cutting Cost imageHalton Conservatives are committed to cutting the cost of politics in Halton.

We will conduct a full review of the cost of the democratic process (including budgets for expenses and entertaining), and streamline the structure of the Council to save you money

Youth nuisance and anti-social behaviour.

Halton Conservatives are committed to reducing anti-social behaviour in the borough.

We will work closely with Cheshire Police to tackle youth nuisance and alcohol fuelled anti-social behaviour, redirecting wasted council funding into youth clubs and community projects

Improved cleanliness.

Improved Cleanliness imageHalton Conservatives are committed to cleaning up our borough.

We will redirect current council spending to focus on cleaner roads, pavements, parks and community areas

Green space issues.

Green SPace imageHalton Conservatives are committed to our green spaces.

We will not support any building on existing green spaces in the borough.

Videos & Press

Theresa May: We're delivering at the Home Office

Home Secretary Theresa May explains how we are delivering on our promises.

Building a better future.

In our latest Party Election Broadcast, Prime Minister David Cameron explains why you musn't let Labour do to your council what they did to our country.


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